MGCF Access:

MGCF users are welcome to work in the MGCF in 175 Tan Hall. This is a comfortable workspace with hi-res, large screen workstations, comfortable chairs and a candy jar.

175 Tan Hall is open 9am-5pm M-F except for holidays. MGCF users in the College of Chemistry should also have 24/7 card access. However, we know there are access issues for some people. Please check your card works well in advance of when you might need after hours access. Email us and/or contact the CoC Building Management team on the ground floor of Gilman Hall.

If you have never been in 175 Tan Hall or accessed it when locked, we have a few videos:
Entering the Tan Hall Lobby, Entering 175 Tan Hall, Orientation to the MGCF.

Please email us if you want an on-site walk through with Kathy or Dave.

All on-site campus people (including facility users and staff) are required to follow the Return to Campus Guidlines site.

All employees/students on campus must still:
- do the daily symptom screener (visitors too)
- upload their vaccination card or get tested weekly (everyone must have done at least 1 test)
- take the EH&S 207 training

We prefer that you continue to make support and appointment requests via email. Dave and Kathy will do most support meetings remotely. If you want to meet in person on-site, please email us to schedule an appointment, rather than drop in.
Kathy and Dave are still working out our onsite vs. remote hours for July and August but we expect there will be one of us present most afternoons.

We encourage you to work during business hours. If you are working late, please consider the BearWalk service which can give you a safe escort back to your vehicle, the Night Safety shuttle and other services.

In 175 Tan Hall:

  • Wash your hands with soap and water before coming into 175 Tan Hall.
  • All users must wear a mask while working in 175 Tan Hall.
  • No sneezing, sniffling, coughing, etc. Many of us have allergies but for now, any signs of illness means you cannot come to 175 Tan Hall and should be self isolating.
  • 6' distancing is not required as long as anyone who has not yet uploaded their vaccination card to UHS is getting tested once/week.
  • No eating or drinking in 175 Tan Hall.
  • This is an office space. Do not bring in lab equipment or chemicals. We are not equipped for chemical lab safety.
  • Keep the area clean. If you make a mess, clean up after yourself. Take out your trash, recycling, etc.
  • Follow current local and campus restrictions, and safety measures.
  • Follow of the College of Chemistry‚Äôs Health and Safety guidelines.
  • 11 workstations are available for local use. The MGCF workstations are in blue in the diagram but check for local signage once you are in the room. Sometimes a workstation is offline or reserved for other use.
  • Keyboards/mice will be cleaned frequently although you can do this yourself (see next point).

  • We advise you to use the provided sanitizer and/or disinfecting wipes to unplug the keyboard, mouse wipe it down, then plug back in. Also wipe the nearby desktop area before/after use.
  • Turn out the lights if you are the last to leave.
  • Make sure the door to 175 Tan Hall closes firmly behind you.