The College of Chemistry pays for a UC Berkeley site license for Chemdoodle and Chemdoodle3D.


Chemdoodle is a high quality, affordable chemical sketcher and powerful chemical publishing tool. It runs on most operating systems and the links are here for you to download and install on your own computer. We have a site license and you can request codes for Chemdoodle and request codes for Chemdoodle3D.

Chemdoodle is from iChemLabs. There is a matching Android/iOS app that can be activated too, once you install and activate a Linux or Windows or MacOS desktop version. The username is the same email you use to download, and the password is the last 4 digits of the activation code.

Chemdoodle can open Chemdraw files and has some similar functionality.

In the MGCF, type chemdoodle or chemdoodle3d to start the programs.

Go to the MGCF for more software.