Your login is not automatically setup to use the Windows Virtual Machine. If you need to use the Windows Virtual Machine, email Kathy and request that she set up your login for this. It is better if you make this request via email rather than in person since it takes about 10 minutes to do it and needs to be tested. Kathy will let you know when it is ready.

Please note that the purpose of the Windows Virtual Machine is to support important simulation programs that are Windows only. Currently these are: Materials Studio, Origin Pro and Solidworks. The Windows Virtual Machine also has a few other common Windows based programs but this VM is not designed to replace your personal machine. Nor will it duplicate programs that we already fully support in the Linux environment like Matlab and Comsol.

To start the Windows Virtual Machine, just double click on the Win10 icon on your desktop or type "win10" in a terminal (not on Tiger, fred or rubble - all other MGCF workstations are okay.). If you get no response to the icon or with win10 command informs you that the Virtual Machine is in use, please use a different workstation. The VM acts like a program and it is unstable if two people use the same copy at once.

Once Virtual Box opens, double click on the Win10_64bit entry and then wait for Windows to start. Login as the user MGCF. There is no password.

REALLY IMPORTANT: You must not save files inside the Windows Virtual Machine (WVM). The WVM is just a program within the Linux operating system. User files within the WVM are not backed up and the WVM is replaced every few weeks. This is the only efficient way to manage 12 copies of the WVM. Kathy will patch, ugrade, install new software, etc on a master copy of the WVM, then copy the new WVM out to each of the other workstations.

To transfer files to/from the Windows Virtual Machine, open the file browser. Then open the folder
Network > VBOXSVR > \\Vboxsvr\mgcf\username-win-share

This folder appears in your Linux home folder under the same name. That folder, username-win-share is part of the regular home directory within the MGCF file sharing scheme, network mounted across all of the Linux machines and backed up nightly.

Other tips, requests:
Please Shutdown the WVM using the normal Windows process: Start Button - Shutdown.
Please do not just kill the window.
Please do not just logout without shutting down the WVM.
Please do not leave the WVM open when not in use.

These steps will make the WVM more stable and easier to maintain. Thanks.