The College of Chemistry pays for a UC Berkeley site license for ChemDraw Professional 16.

Reactivate: The license expires every year at the end of May and must be renewed/reactivated. If you have last year's license and are reactivating for this year, start ChemDraw and click Reactivate from the Help menu. Put in your serial number (and registration code for Mac). You can lookup your serial number by logging in to Cambridgesoft.

New/Current User: Each user must create/use a Cambridgesoft login with a email address. If you use a non address, the serial numbers will not match and software activation will not work. Our site license will not activate any software that did not come from our site license, such as a version of Chemdraw you had at another university or a version downloaded from some other link on the Cambridesoft website. Each email address can activate two copies of the software. Follow our site license link to register and/or download.

Serial number and registration codes will be emailed to your address. If you fail to receive codes, check your spam folder. Codes can take several hours to generate on weekdays and 1-2 days on weekends. Cambridgesoft is in the UK and timezone differences can magnify the delay.

If you can't find your codes or activation fails, login at Cambridgesoft and click View Serial Numbers & Expiration Dates for Your Downloads. If there is no record of a download when you think you downloaded, you probably used the wrong email address and you need to start over. If you recieved codes by email and activation fails, please verify the email address to which it was sent is your address. It your Mac repeatedly asks for codes when you open the program, please see this bug report.

Old versions: To get codes for older versions of ChemDraw, login to Cambridgesoft and submit a support request.

Each address can activate 2 copies of each version of the software. If you attempt to activate more, it will also fail.

If you are the system administrator for a group of shared computers in a research lab (College of Chemistry only) or a teaching lab (any UC Berkeley), contact Kathy (below) for a "lab" license. This is only for shared computers. Individual students should register individually for licenses for their own computers.

IPad app: not included in our site license. You can buy it from iTunes.

Other issues: See the Operating System Requirements and Program features. For 3D modeling analogous to Chem3D, we recommend ChemDoodle 3D or Avogadro.

Versions 15 and 16 can coexist but if you are upgrading from different versions of ChemDraw, you should fully uninstall the prior version first. The installer will usually advise you how to do this. For Mac users, there is also the ChemDraw Uninstaller tool useful for removing version 14. We're not sure if it works for version 15.

We advise you not to include the SQL server side of the E-lab notebook software. It may cause problems for non expert users.

Because of the size of the College of Chemistry, we can only provide limited support. Please try to troubleshoot using the tips here. Also login at Cambridgesoft using your email address to check your own records before asking for help.

If you have further questions, contact Kathy Durkin.

Please include:
1) Your full name. Are you grad/undergrad/postdoc/staff/faculty? What is your department (Chemistry, MCB etc)? Technical support is very limited, especially for non College of Chemistry people.
2) What is the email address for your Cambridgesoft account?
3) Did you login to Cambridgesoft and check your records?
4) What is your exact Operating System: MacOS 10.6.1, Windows 10, etc.
5) What is exact version you are installing, such as ChemDraw Professional 16.0?
6) Are there error messages? Include the exact text or a screen shot.
7) Is this is a new installation? Did you delete the old version first?
8) Did you download from our site license link?
9) What version of Microsoft Office are you using (see the operating system requirements link above)?

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