Chevron Instructional Facility

This is the south half of 175 Tan Hall. It is managed for the College of Chemistry by ETS, the same group that manages most other undergraduate computer labs on campus.

This is not a general access facility. It is for instruction only. If you are registered in one of these courses only, you are eligible to use the facility:

CBE-40, CBE-140, CBE-141, CBE-142, CBE-150A, CBE-150B, CBE-154, CBE-160, CBE-162, CBE-170A, CBE-178, CBE-179, CBE-185, CBE-195, CBE-295N

Faculty can request access for their classes. There are also general access computer labs on campus that are available to anyone with a Calnet ID.

The Chevron Instructional Facility is normally available for undergraduate use 9am-8pm Monday-Thursday, 9am-5pm Friday and 1pm-8pm on Sunday, during the semester. Hours are shorter the first week of classes and towards the end of the semester after the instruction period ends.

There are also closure days for University Academic and Administrative holidays. These hours will be posted but generally these include all 3 days of the Labor Day, MLK, President's and Memorial Day weekends, Veteran's Day, Independence Day (often a 3 day weekend). The facility closes at 3pm on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and reopens the following Monday at 9am.

New College of Chemistry GSI's

GSIs in the College of Chemistry can also use the Chevron Instructional Facility.

You can use the computers in the Chevron Facility (7am-midnight) whenever a class is not in active session. You must logoff if a class is in session or an instructor or other staff requests you to do so. ETS performs software maintenance as needed and sometimes the lab will be shut for a few hours for this purpose. You must logout if a staff member requests you to do so.

You can use your id to enter if the door is locked (okay for you to enter 7am-midnight) but you must make sure the door locks behind you when enter or leave and that you let no one else in. One id = 1 person. The facility is off limits from midnight to 7am since the machines are updated via a remote process during that time period. Anyone logged in during that time could be auto logged off without warning.

We expect that graduate students will take the lead and not only obey the rules, such as no food or drinks, but will also remind any undergrads present of these rules. Undergrads are only allowed in the room during regularly scheduled open hours. We are leaving the facility mainly unstaffed so we are counting on you to report any unruly or suspicious behaviour and generally act as responsible members of the College of Chemistry community.