We have updated our FAQ page with better remote access tools. Email us for help. If we can't fix your issue via email, we'll set up a zoom meeting.

If for some reason you are in 175 Tan Hall (which you should not be) we have Chlorox wipes on the bookcase as you enter the MGCF. Please wipe the keyboard, mouse and nearby desktop area when you are using an MGCF workstation.

Please acknowledge NIH S10OD023532 in publications resulting from use of the MGCF and email us the reference.

The MGCF (Molecular Graphics and Computation Facility) is in 175 Tan Hall and is high-performance computing resource specializing in chemistry and related disciplines. We serve over 50 research groups in the College of Chemistry and the wider UC Berkeley campus community. We also serve research groups at other universities including MIT, U of Oregon, U of Texas, and other UC's. The MGCF was founded in 1990 with NIH funding and has since been supported through NIH, NSF and generous corporate sponsorship.

We have 2 full-time scientists providing technical consulting on project feasibility, equipment and software use. More details are here.

Email the Facility Director, Dr. Kathleen Durkin, for more information.

Kavli ENSI: The MCGF provides computing resources for Kavli ENSI researchers. There are 2 dedicated Kavli ENSI workstations in 175 Tan Hall but Kavli ENSI researchers have full access to all MGCF resources as described on these pages.